Agricultural Engineering

rcs agriculturalAwarded the International Sunkist Young Designer Award for "significant influence in agricultural engineering through original and technical contributions for innovative agricultural waste management systems designs," Mr. Brian Roy, President of RCS, has helped lead the firm to a position of prominence among agricultural engineering firms in Florida.

RCS is a Certified NRCS Technical Service Provider.

With multiple agricultural projects completed across the United States, RCS has successfully helped bridge the gap between the need of the land owner and what is in the best interest of the environment through the innovative design of cost-effective, farm-based best management practices (BMPs). In addition to having successfully designed and implemented multiple BMPs for animal waste management, water control, erosion control, and irrigation management, RCS also has extensive experience in designing and overseeing construction of animal waste management systems and Edge of Farm treatment systems. RCS is familiar with and has utilized multiple NRCS modeling software, including TR-20, TR-55, WATNUTFL, PIPEFLOW, DRAINMOD, and STOWAT.

In addition, RCS and its professionals have extensive experience in obtaining funding from many sources, including SRF, FEMA, CBIRs, SWIMM, Water Management Districts, USEPA, NRCS, FDACS, and direct congressional appropriations. In the past five years, RCS has obtained $24,421,000 in design and construction grants for clients.

Services We Offer:cropped

  • NRCS Certified TSP Provider
  • Irrigation Water Management Plans
  • Conservation Plans
  • Design, Checkout, and Certify Systems
  • Dairy Best Available Technologies
  • Edge-of-Farm Treatment Systems
  • Reduction in Phosphorus Discharge
  • Irrigation Systems Design
    • Center Pivots
    • Linear – Move Systems
    • Micro-Irrigation
    • Drip
    • Sub-Surface Drip
    • Walking Guns
    • Solid Sets
    • Seepage
    • Furrow
  • Nutrient Removal Systems
    • Chemical Injection
    • Sludge Basins
    • Composting
  • Grant Procurement
    • Private
    • State
    • Federal
    • Cost Share Programs
    • Demonstration Projects
  • Water Control Structures to Convey Drainage Water
    • Canals
    • Berms
    • Dikes
    • Risers
    • Pump Stations
    • Stormwater Ponds
  • Erosion Control Structures on Streams, Gullies, and Other Eroded Areas
    • Terraces
    • Land Leveling
    • Gabions
    • Headwalls
    • Grassed Waterways
  • Animal Waste Management Systems
    • Site Planning
    • Freestall Barns
    • Manure/Solids Separators
    • Tunnel Barns
    • Sand Separators

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